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Accepted Papers

Accepted papers are listed below.

1.        Ahmet Murat Köseoğlu – Merve ÇelikA Gender Perspective in Humanitarian Crises and Natural Disasters:  Dignity Kits and Their Logistics
2.       Aida Jalalkamali Understanding the Effects of 'Fear of Crime' on Gender Based Behaviour in Urban Public Spaces
3.       Alla MostepaniukThe Impact of Key Macroeconomic Indicators on Gender Inequality in the Labour Market.
4.       Aminreza Iranamnesh Conflicted Cities and Gender Segregation in Urban Public Space
5.       Asiye AKAThe Analysis of #sendeanlat (tellyourstory) Hashtag From the Point of View of Neoliberal Political Economy
6.       Aslı Ekinci - Özlem ÖzdemirMarked Bodies of Women in the War and Conflict: Sometimes in April, in the Land of Blood and Honey
7.       Aslihan Aykac YanardağLGBTI Rights in Turkey: A Legal Analysis
8.       Aynur Soydan ErdemirThe Education in the Second World War Period in Turkey: Village Institutes and Women
9.       Ayşe Özada - Veli DuyanConflict Resolution in Social Work: What Can we Do for Women in Armed Conflict
10.    Ayşegül Gökalp KutluTerrorism and Women: Analysing Female Fighters of Jihadist Groups

Bahire Efe Özad –

Saudat S.Abdulbaqı - Abdulgaffar Olawale Arikewuyo

Role of Social Media in Eradicating Violence/Sexual Harassments Among Young Nigerian Females: A Study of Nigerian Students in EMU
12.    Baya Maraf – Naciye KuntSocio-Cultural and Conflict Realities Influence on Females' Educational Choices
13.    Benedict OnyesoWomen Emancipation Versus Patriarchic Gender-Based Violence: The Debate Continues. 
14.    Bezar Eylem EkinciWomen's Associations and Freedom of Association in States of Emergency
15.    Burcu Kaya Erdem - Rabia Zamur TuncerA Reading of Gender Based Representation of the Marginalized in Turkish Media: Representation of Homosexual Syrian Refugees in Turkish Media
16.    Burcu Kaya Erdem - Rabia Zamur TuncerAn Analysis on Female Columnists' Sensibility on Women's Issues in the Context of Intellectual Responsibility
17.    Burcu YeşiladalıSocial Exclusion: The Case of Women from two Contrasting but Adjacent Settlements in Istanbul
18.    C. Akça AtaçGender Attitudes Towards Truth and Lie: A Comparison of Nixon's Watergate Scandal and Clinton's Email Controversy
19.    Dilek Maktal CankoByzantine Women and Wars
20.   Elham Taheri – Cem PayaslıoğluThe Determinates of Female Labour Force Participation in Iran During Conflict and War
21.    Elif Çağla YıldızWar, Employment of Women and Women's Right to Labour
22.   Eren YükselThe Construction of Militarism and Gender in the Films Based on the Battle of Çanakkale.
23.   Farhana RahmanNarratives of War and Peacebuilding: Women's Negotiations within a Gendered Third Space in Afghanistan
24.   Fatma Güven LisanilerHow Contribution of Women as Subjects, Not the Objects, Would Make Peacebuilding Better?
25.   Filiz İpekyüzPrevention of Violence Against Women
26.   Gözde Gayde ZenginA Call "To Remember" in the Story of My Grandma (Nenemin Öyküsü)
27.   Güriz UygurGender nd Transformative Justice
28.   Hacer Soykan AdaoğluGender Crimes as War Crimes: Historical Development of Treatment of Rape As a War Crime
29.   Hanife AliefendioğluA Call of Truth in Cyprus: An Analysis of Media Coverage of Rape Cases in 1974 War
30.   Hülya Şimga - Zeynep Gülru GökerWomen in Civil Society and Their Perceptions of Justice and Peace in Turkey
31.    İrem ÇağlarLegal Responsibility of the Companies in the Struggle against Gender Based Violence as a Human Rights Violation
32.   Katharina BitzkerReflections on Love, Peace, Gender and Other Beautiful Disturbances
33.   Katri TukiainenFragility of Girls Associated with Armed Forces And/ or Armed Groups in Sub-Saharan Africa
34.   M. Murat YüceşahinGender Based Transnational Migrations and the Production of Gendered Spaces in the Middle East
35.   M. Murat Yüceşahin - Deniz Eroğlu  - Pınar Yazgan The Role of Gender in Different Migratory Movements
36.   M. Murat Yüceşahin - Pınar YazganCities are Not Gender Neutral: A Feminist Critique of the Production of Urban Spaces in Turkey
37.   Mariam AlkawfiThe Abuse of Anti-Terrorism Act and the Violation of Women's Rights
38.   Merve GeçiciGender and Law
39.   Mine Egbatan - Ayça KurtoğluImagining Peace through Children's Stories: An Intervention into Masculine Understanding of World
40.  Muhammet KoçakgölThe Relationship Between Attitudes of Aid Agencies Toward Elderly People and Gender in Wartime
41.    Nadire ÖzdemirRelational Lawyering as Transformative Justice Practice
42.   Nazlı DoğuoğluThe Changing Language of Sexual Violence in Recent Turkish History: What Changed in the Reporting of News on Sexual Violence From 1948 Till Today?
43.   Nebile Korucu Gümüşoğlu- Nurten ÇalışkanRefugee Crisis and Gender Nexus: The Case of Turkey
44.  Nezahat DoğanDeterminants of Global Peace and Gender Equality as an Invisible Hand: A Cross Country Analysis
45.   Nicole Junker - Debarati SenComparing the Reintegration Process of Ex-Combatant and Conflict Related Sexual Violence Victim
46.  Nüket ErbaydarHigh-Tech Childbirth in Turkey: An Exploration from Women's Health Perspective
47.   Nur KöprülüGender Based Violence in the Middle East
48.  Nurten Kara – Şengül Altan ArslanFeminist Struggle from Raising Awareness to End Violence Against Women:  Oral History of the Law No 4320 in Turkey
49.  Özgür KaymakExamining the Remembrance and Narration of Collective Traumatic Memory from a Gender Perspective: Case of 1915
50.   Özlem İngün KarkışReading International Migration and Place Relations Within the Context of Gender Asymmetry
51.    Özlem Tören - Bahire Efe Özad Role of Education in Inter-Family Conflict Resolution
52.   Rinawati Prihatiningsih The Struggle of Indonesian Mothers in Transnational Marriage on Family Abduction from Indonesia
53.   Ruth Seifert Sexualized Violence and Armed Conflict: Regaining Gender as an Analytical Category
54.   Seda Orbay Yücel As a Method of Reckoning with the Past, Truth and Reconciliation Commissions: Women's Seek for the Truth and the Right to Truth
55.   Selda TuncerTeaching Gender at University as a Feminist Potentiality in Turkey
56.   Selim TüzüntürkDetermining the Differences of Driving Anger Expressions According to Gender: The Case of Y Generation in Bursa
57.   Şerife Özbiler – Müge BeidoğluAn Investigation of Demographical Variables Differences on Mothers' Subjective Well-Being and Self Perception of Their Parental Role Levels in Rural Areas
58.   Sevgi Uçan ÇubukçuDuring the Second World War in Turkey From the Two Male Writers Pen "Concerning Women" in Yedigün Magazine: Faruk Nafiz Çamlıbel and Hikmet Feridun Es
59.   Şevkat Özvarış - Özlem CankurtaranStrengthening Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Sexual and Gender Based Violence Services for Syrian and Other Refugees Through Women's Health Counselling Units
60.  Sibel AkyıldızWoman in New Social Movements: The Role, Effect and the Alteration of Woman in Validebağ Grove Protests
61.    Sima Nabizadeh - Nima TalebianDevout Mother Running the Pious Home; the Islamization of Woman and Home in Iran
62.   Sima Nabizadeh - Turkan Ulusu UrazThe Ideal Woman through Islamic Revolutionary and War Discourses in Iran
63.   Şule DaldalThe Conditions of the Turkish Minijob-Women Workers in Germany
64.  Veysel Dinler - Hazal Çori YıldırımerWartime Sexual Violence: A Psychological Analysis
65.   Yeliz Osman CinAwakening Dangerous Memories: The Women's perspective and experiences in the Cyprus Conflict
66.  Zehra YılmazAsylee Women as a part of Subaltern Discussions: Temporary Position of  Eastern/Women Asylum Seekers in Turkey  
67.   Zennure KösemanThe Destruction of Gender Relations in War Conflicts: Heminway's A Farewell to Arms
68.  Zeynep Banu Dalaman - Türkan Melis PralakDark Face of Man: Sexual Violence Against Women in Bosnian War
69.  Zeynep Ceren Eren, Ruhşen IşıkHeavy Burden of Being Refugee, Mother, Womiremen and Teacher: A Case Study of Syrian Teachers from Community School, Basmane, Izmir
70.   Zeynep Özlem ÜskülClimate Crisis and Eco-feminism

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